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Welcome to Furry Peeps, Australia’s best online store for Personalised Pet Products.

We believe that pets are an integral part of the family. That’s why we offer a wide range of Personalised Pet Products for all animals that are sure to make your furry, fluffy, or feathered friend stand out. 

Located in the sunny town of Capalaba, Australia, our custom pet items are meticulously designs and crafted in our very own print studio. Whether you have a dog, cat, chicken, guinea pig, horse, llama, penguin, giraffe, or any other beloved pet, we have the perfect gear for them. Get ready to elevate your pet’s style game with their very own custom accessories. 

Let’s make your pet the talk of the town!

Woof Woof – Personalised Dog Products

Your dog is not just a pet – they are our best friends, snuggle companions, emotional support buddies, and so much more! Our Personalised Dog Range has been carefully curated to ensure that your furry friend not only looks adorable, but also receives top-quality, durable pet products that are cherished by Australians everywhere. Get ready to spoil your pup with Australia’s best personalised dog bowls, collars, T-shirts, blankets, towels harnesses and more!

Meow Meow – Personalised Cat Products

Don’t worry we have your fave fluffy feline friend covered too. Our Personalised Cat Range includes our small bowls which are purrfect for kittens and adult cats, collars, blankets and T-shirts. Our Personalised Cat Range has been carefully curated to ensure that your furbaby not only looks adorable, but will surely be the talk of the town.

Personalised Products for Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Lizards, + More

Don’t Have a cat or a dog but another pet? High fives, thats cool, we totally cater for all kinds of pets. Our small dog bowls are perfect for guinea pigs, lizards and smaller animals. Our Large Dog bowls are great for chickens. All animals will love our blankets, bandanas, chicken coop signs, bowls mats & more!

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